Brake Caliper Rebuild Service (1 Piston)


Do you have leaking calipers, seized caliper pistons, or just want peace of mind? Can not spare the expense of buying new ones?.

We can recondition and rebuild them for you, using either genuine manufacturers or high quality after market OEM products and test them to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. If yours are damaged or you are unsure if this service will fit your needs please contact us with a picture with any damage and we will give you a rough estimate quote on the repairs.

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Our step by step guide:

* Calipers are cleaned with degreaser and inspected for wear and damage.
* Calipers are split and inner reservoir seals removed (if applicable).
* Pistons are carefully removed.
* Piston seals are extracted.
* Bleed nipple/s removed.
* All parts are then cleaned in our ultrasonic cleaner.

We then inspect all parts again and start to rebuild your calipers using genuine manufacturer or high quality after market OEM products, We also replace the bleed nipple/s with stainless steel ones to prevent any future issues. (Old Bleed nipples are sent to a recycle plant to be recycled).

Replaced Using Quality OEM Aftermarket Products:

* Caliper piston dust seals.
* Caliper piston pressure seals.
* Stainless steel bleed nipples.
* Bleed nipple dust cap.
* Stainless steel spring screws.
* Slider R clips.
* Copper bajo washers.

We then test the calipers to make sure they are safe to use and do as intended.


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